Sat. Sep 23rd, 2023
wall tiles as elements

There has been significant refinement in the superpowerable framework and related ideas. The refining includes organizing the elements into a story-like path. This hero’s trail is being mapped, and the hero’s map will allow forging of one’s own path.

Some of these elements:

  • SOMA – our acronym for Sleep Oxidize Move Absorb, all together referring to our basic cycles. We use our Sleep to rest/recharge. We breath (respiration) in a set of processes which are oxidation-reduction reactions – Oxidize. Movement is the core of our existence, from the smallest movements of blood, fluids, and muscles, up to the combined movements of walking, eating, and… breathing. (So , there is some necessary overlap between the parts of SOMA). And we Absorb into our bodies the nutrients, liquid, solids, and anything else which is outside of use (including, yes, the negatives of viruses, germs, and toxins). SOMA is a foundational part of our tactility – the physical processes we exist in and which support living.
  • Habits – While people refer to many activities as “habits” which are not actually habits, there are a lot people’s thoughts and activities which are habitual. Our emerging definition of habits, and management of them pushes the strategies in new directions. These areas include habit auditing, identifying “empty habits”, and using a meta-cognition (i.e. “thinking about thinking”) process to shape your habits.

There are upcoming powerful ideas in the pipeline, coming soon… bookmark or follow (Superpowerable on Facebook, Superpowerable on Twitter) if this has sparked your interest! Overall, knowing about and taking care of yourself, setting useful boundaries, and other powerful techniques & habits will get you on the path to living your best life.